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List of applicants shortlisted for course coordinators jobs

President of Fayoum University Ahmed El Gohary endorsed on Sunday 31/7/2011 the list of applicants shortlisted to serve as course coordinators for the ICT Training Project.

It is worth mentioning that about 45 applicants applied for the jobs, but 24 applicants were excluded as they did not meet the job eligibility requirements. Only 19 candidates took the Computer Applications Skills Tests. As the project is in need for only two coordinators, the two who got the highest scores were nominated for the job.

No. Name University Qualification  Grade
1 Asmaa Shabaan Younis B.A. in Education – Major: English Language 25.2
2 Eman Said Mabrouk B.A. in Social Work 22.6
3 Yosry Ahmed Ali Hashem Diploma in Computer Science 22.3
4 Ekram Hamdy Mahfouz B.A. in Social Work 20
5 Marwa Gomaa Kasem B.Sc. in Engineering – Major: Communications 18.1
6 Mohammad Fayez Said Emara B.Sc. in Commerce 16
7 Tamer Mohammad Rashad Kamel Farag B.Sc. in Specific Education – Major: Educational Technology 15.4
8 Tasnim Yousef Abdul-Moniem B.Sc. in Commerce 14.4
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