*Egypt’s Grand Mufti Prof. Shawky Allam Visits Fayoum University Tomorrow      *Prof .Zeinab El-Bahy, President of Social Workers Association in Fayoum      *Nomination of 968 Students to Student Union Elections in the Final Lists      *Arabic Handwriting Competition      *Opening Ceremony of the Regional Championship for People with Special Needs

Four training courses for the university personnel have been held - two courses for the Special Cadre Officers and two for the Student Affairs Officers.

Three workshops with the faculties' coordinators were held with the aim of monitoring the flow of work at faculties and completing collecting and revising the Student Reports as well as the Faculty Reports.

A number of workshops were conducted at the premises of the following faculties: Education, Agriculture, Engineering, Science, Tourism and Hotels, Specific Education, Archaeology, Computers and Information, and Early Childhood Education. Those workshops aimed to disseminate a culture of the project, its objectives, along with paying calls for the headquarters of student affairs and special cadre departments to determine if they are on track for the project.

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