*Egypt’s Grand Mufti Prof. Shawky Allam Visits Fayoum University Tomorrow      *Prof .Zeinab El-Bahy, President of Social Workers Association in Fayoum      *Nomination of 968 Students to Student Union Elections in the Final Lists      *Arabic Handwriting Competition      *Opening Ceremony of the Regional Championship for People with Special Needs

Establishing a well-furnished state of the art information center to operate various tracks pertaining to improving management information.

Installing and operating all MIS applications, namely:

* Student Affairs

* Staff Affairs

* Postgraduate Studies

* Control

* University Dorms

* General Cadre

Equipping the Fayoum University Management Information System Center to be ready for operation .

Training the University employees on operating MIS applications .

Raising the efficiency of the relevant internal networks of the faculties and connecting them with the University Network .

Creating linkages between the applications to be operated with the following applications:

-MIS applications currently available at the University

-E-Portal Project

-MIS of the SCU

-Online Admission

-Any other electronic services or applications to be operated under the ICTP of the E-Government Portal

Raising the efficiency of the personnel working at faculties

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