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Faculty-Based Teams
Faculty Team Members Occupation
Education Prof. Ahmad Taha Mohammad Vice-dean, Education and Student Affairs, Faculty of Education
Dr. Abdul Naser Abdul Halim Lecturer, Department of Educational Psychology
Mr. Ahmad Ramadan Saad Assistant Lecturer, Department of Foundations of Education
Mr. Rabie Kamal Mahmoud Assistant Lecturer, Department of Curriculum and Methodology
Mrs. Madiha Ahmad Abdul Rahim Director, Student Affairs
Mrs. Shimaa Abdul Hakam Education Affairs Officer
Mrs. Amany Yunis Education Affairs Officer
Mr. Mohammad Ahmad Abdul Rahim Education Affairs Officer
Mrs. Enas Mohammad Ahmad Education Affairs Officer
Mr. Ali Menshawy Education Affairs Officer
Mr. Ramadan Abdul Ghany Hamzawy Education Affairs Officer
Mrs. Hanaa Ragaay Education Affairs Officer
Mrs. Salma Education Affairs Officer
Mrs. Zainab Mohammad Hussien Employee, Special Cadre
Mrs. Zaizy Kamal Sayed Employee, General Cadre
Agriculture Dr. Gamal Farg Mohammad Lecturer, Department of Botany
Mr. Abdul Alim Mohammad Abdul Moula Assistant Lecturer, Department of Animal Production
Mr. Gamal Abdul Naser Mohammad Director, Student Affairs
Mr. Abdul Tawab Ali Abdul Hamid Personnel Affairs
Engineering Prof. Mohammad Isa Sayed Ahmad Vice-dean, Education and Student Affairs
Dr. Amal Sief Al Yazzal Lecturer, Department of Mathematics & Engineering Physics
Dr. Islam Helaly Abdul Aziz Lecturer, Department of Industrial Engineering
Mrs. Nabila Kamel Employee, Student Affairs
Mrs. Nahed Hanaa Employee, Alumni Affairs
Mr. Emad Ramadan Employee, Personnel Affairs
Social Work Dr. Mohammad Mohammad Hassan Lecturer, Department of Methods of Social Work
Ms. Shamia Gamal Sayed Demonstrator, Department of Fields of Social Work
Mr. Ahmad Awadallah Employee, Student Affairs
Mrs. Dalia Nady Employee, Student Affairs
Mr. Ahmad Rabie Diab Employee, Student Affairs
Mr. Ahmad Abdul Mawdood Employee, Student Affairs
Mr. Mohammad El Sayed Rezk Employee, Student Affairs
Mrs. Nesrin Kadry Fahim Employee, Student Affairs
Mrs. Nagwa Hosny Mohammad Employee, Student Affairs
Mrs. Fatma Mustafa Abdullah Employee, Student Affairs
Dar Al Oloom Dr. Yasser Ahmad Hashish Lecturer, Department of Literature
Mr. Mohammad Abdul Rahman Mohammad Assistant Lecturer, Department of Rhetoric & Criticism
Mr. Sayed Anwar Director, Student Affairs
Mr. Ashraf Kamaledine Employee, Special Cadre
Mrs. Fatin Abdul Fattah Morsy Employee, General Cadre
Science Dr. Gamal Abdul Halim Lecturer, Department of Mathematics
Mr. Ahmad Lotfy Abdul Fattah Assistant Lecturer, Department of Physics
Mr. Tamer Mohammad Assistant Lecturer, Department of Mathematics
Mr. Tarek Abdullah Sayed Director, Student Affairs
Mr. Mohammad Sayed Rouby Employee, Personnel Affairs
Tourism & Hotels Dr. Nancy Mohammad Fawzy Lecturer, Department of Tourism Studies
Mr. Mohammad Shedid Assistant Lecturer, Department of Hotel Studies
Mr. Ashraf Fathy Student Affairs Officer
Mrs. Dalia Mahmoud Personnel Affairs Officer
Specific Education Dr. Khaled Ramadan Lecturer, Department of Food Sciences
Mr. Mohammad Shabaan Said Demonstrator, Educational Technology
Mrs. Shiamaa Mahmoud Abu Zayd Employee, Student Affairs
Mrs. Zainab Mokhtar Gharib Employee, Special Cadre
Archaeology Dr. Maher Ahmad Ahmad Isa E-Management Coordinator
Mrs. Eman Shaker Mohammad Employee, Student Affairs
Mrs. Rasha Yasin Yasin Employee, Student Affairs
Mrs. Hewaida Ahmad Omr Employee, Personnel Affairs
Mrs. Mahrousa Reda Ahmad Employee, Personnel Affairs
Medicine Prof. Khaled Ahmad Al Khashab Vice-dean, Education and Student Affairs
Dr. Mohammad Salahedin Mohammad Lecturer, Department of General Surgery
Dr. Sherine Mohamed Kamel El Mously Secretary of Faculty Dean
Computers & Information Dr. Abdullah Shoeeb Lecturer, Department of Computer Science
Eng. Karim Ezzedin Demonstrator, Department of Computer Science
Mrs. Mary Ezzat Rafla Employee, Student Affairs
Mrs. Salma Abdul Tawab Sayed Employee, Student Affairs
Mrs. Reda Abdullah Mahmoud Employee, Personnel Affairs
Arts Dr. Hany Samy Abu Elella Lecturer, Department of Geography
Dr. Ashraf Yasin Abdul Hafiz Lecturer, Department of Geography
Mr. Abdul Naser Bakry Mohammad Director, Student Affairs
Mr. Ahmad Mohammad Saad Al Sherif Chairperson, Special Cadre Person
Early Childhood Education Dr. Hayam Ali Soliman Lecturer
Mrs. Eman Mohmmad Makhlouf Director, Student Affairs
Mrs. Heba Hassan Ewis Employee, Student Affairs
Mrs. Huda Kamal Employee, Student Affairs
Mr. Mohammad Galal Employee, Student Affairs
Mrs. Mona Gamal Ewis Employee, Student Affairs
Mr. Mahmoud El Sayed Employee, Student Affairs

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