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Vision & Mission
   "Let's Build Our Unique University Together"

Future Vision:
"Projects Management Unit is a source of development and progress in a unique university".

   Funding, following up the execution of education enhancement projects and evaluating their performance side by side with adopting the effective management methods as well as sustainability to attain the quality, efficacy and effectiveness of education within the frame of the university's mission and its strategic objectives.

Unit Functions:
   *Representing the university as a main communication centre among university units and HEEPF Management Unit and the available funding resources.

*Coordinating the enhancement activities within university units and the assigned strategic plan of university enhancement projects.

*Standing as expertise centre offering technical assistance for national enhancement projects to serve the projects of priority.

*Classifying workgroups who have deep-rooted experience to benefit the academic community and university subunits.

*Encouraging preparing proposals of education enhancement projects and evolving the quality of the proposed projects.

*Backing, following up the execution of university enhancement projects and evaluating their performance.

*Facilitating and opening communication channels among the university, academic bodies and technical authorities interested in higher education projects inside and outside. .
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