Fayoum University Uses Smart Boards for Educational Technology
On Wednesday morning, 9/9/2019, Prof. Khaled Atallah met with a delegation from promethean company specialized in educational technology to buy smart boards specialized in the field of educational technology, and to know about the advantages of these smart boards and the extent of their use in the development of the educational process.
Prof. Khaled Atallah assured that these screens contribute to fill the shortage in the number of faculty members where the boards can be connected to more than one classroom, and always aimed at upgrading the learning process and strive to develop it in the best possible way by creating a state of communication between professors and students so that education is more interactive and positive.
Moreover, he pointed out that this board helps in the ease of information access to the student as well as measuring the extent of interaction and concentration of students during the lectures.
Additionally, this board supports the possibility of video conferencing, which helps in the ease of education and Its size ranges between 65 to 86 inches.

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