Fayoum University Commemorates the Glorious October Victories
Prof. Ahmed Gaber Shedid, President of Fayoum University, Prof. Mohamed Essa, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research Affairs, Prof. Khaled Atallah, Vice President for Education and Students Affairs, and a number of deans of faculties, professors and students witnessed the educational seminar organized by the university in cooperation with Fayoum Media Center. It hosted Major General Tayssir Al-Tobgi, Commander of the Battle of Ras-Esh, and Major General Hamdy El-Shorbagy, Commander of the Battle of Portawfik, on Wednesday 2/10/2019 at the Grand Celebration Hall.
Prof. Ahmed Gaber Shadid welcomed the guests, affirming the pride of all the Egyptian people for the great victory anniversary, stressing that Fayoum University is keen to celebrate this anniversary every year.
The university president pointed to the great role played by the Egyptian army in this war, praising the great cohesion between army and people to achieve victory, and called on Egypt's youth to work hard to raise the banner of the nation in the future.
The president added that Fayoum University seeks to renew the spirit of belonging and refute the rumors spread by educating its students and building their minds, training and equipping them to be beneficial members of society.
Major General Tayseer al-Tobji, one of the leaders of the October war, said that the Egyptian army provided a great example in supplying the soil of the homeland and made great sacrifices for the restoration of land and dignity.
He pointed out that the victory of October changed the balance of power in the Middle East, praising the spirit of war heroes and their distinct mentality in the implementation of combat plans.
He also expressed his happiness with his presence among the university students, whom he described as leaders of the future and urged them to provide for the country and belong to it.
Major General Hamdy El-Shorbagy said that the Egyptian army managed to end the legend of the barefoot line, which was established by enemy forces after the defeat of 67.
He praised the genius of Egyptians in October war and preparing them for the army with the number and equipment. He added that this war emphasized the unification of the Arab ranks, where Arab countries provided great support to the Egyptian army in the war.
He also talked about the great efforts being exerted by the army in the fight against terrorism, calling on all sectors of society to stand behind his leadership to promote the homeland and get rid of terrorism.
Mrs. Seham Mostafa, Director of the Fayoum Media Center, expressed her happiness to be at Fayoum University as a platform for science and culture, and praised the university's cooperation in organizing such educational seminars that inspire optimism and pride among all Egyptians.
On the sidelines of the seminar, Prof. Ahmed Gaber Shedid honored the guests and presented them with the University Shield.

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