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About Department
About Department
Botany is a branch of biology and is the scientific study of plant life and development. Botany covers a wide range of scientific disciplines that study plants, algae, and fungi including: structure, growth, reproduction, metabolism, development, diseases, chemical properties, and evolutionary relationship between the different groups. Among the disciplines which botany is concerned with are the following:

*Phytomorphology: is a branch of science which studies the physical form and external structure of plants.
*Plant anatomy: is the scientific study of the internal structure of plants, especially at the microscopic level.
*Plant Physiology: is a subdiscipline of botany concerned with the function, or physiology, of plants.
*Plant Classification: is the science that identifies and classifies plants.
*Genetics: is the science concerned with heredity and variation in living organisms.
* Phycology or algology: is a subdiscipline of botany concerned with the scientific study of algae. Algae are photosynthetic, like plants.
* Mycology: is the branch of biology concerned with the study of fungi – simple plants which lack chloroplasts.
* Plant pathology (also phytopathology) is the scientific study of plant diseases caused by pathogens (infectious diseases) and environmental conditions (physiological factors).
*Microbiology: is the study of microorganisms, such as bacteria.
* Virology is the study of viruses and virus-like agents.
*Plant Ecology: is the subdiscipline of ecology which studies the distribution and abundance of plants, the interactions among and between members of plant species, and their interactions with their environment.
*Plant Taxonomy: is the science that finds, describes, classifies, identifies, and names plants.
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