*University President Meets the Preparatory Committee of the 12th Science Day      *Signing a Cooperation Protocol between the University and Media”4” Foundation      *Fayoum University Hosts the Grand Mufti of Egypt Prof. Shawky Allam      *Egypt’s Grand Mufti Prof. Shawky Allam Visits Fayoum University Tomorrow      *Prof .Zeinab El-Bahy, President of Social Workers Association in Fayoum




Prof.Dr.Afaf Mohammed Mustafa El-Gendy

Prof.Dr.Dayhoum Abed El-Hamied Mansour El-Basel

Prof.Dr. Khalid Hussein Hassan Zaghloul

Prof.Dr.Naglaa El-Sayed Refaat Ismail

Prof.Dr. Osama Mohammed Mohammed Sarhan

Prof.Dr.Adel Abed El- Hakim Abo El-Olla

Prof.Dr. Ehab Moaz Abo Zied Abdel-Aziz

Prof.Dr. Azza Ali Said Shaban

  Assistant Professor

Dr.Mohammed Farouq Mohammed Zakey

Dr.Ragaa Taha Mohammed Ahmed Abdel-Aziz

Dr.Eraqi Radwan Ragab Khannoon Dr.AbdElkrem Mohammed AbdEllatif

Dr.Samah Mamdouh Mohamed Fathi

Dr.Kandeel El-Sayed Kandeel Hashem

Dr. Mohamed Wasim Mohamed Khalil




Dr.Samira Mahmoud Mohammed El-Sayad

Dr. Ahmed Ali Kandeel

Dr.Ayman Mustafa Abdel-Aziz

Dr.Eman Mohammed Mohammed Hussein

Dr.Marwa Thabet Mohamed Atwa

Dr. Diaa Fawzi Mohammed Mahmoud

Dr. Mayada Mesaed Gharib Ahmed

Dr. Noha Ibrahim Said Salem

Dr. Heba Mohamed Rabea Mohamed Elesh

Dr. Heba Ahmed abdel-Hamed El-Dash

Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Ali Helally

Dr. Mohammed Salah Mahmoud Mohammed

Assistant Lecturer

Ms. Maha Hussein Abdoulrahman Aweis

Ms. Marwa Essam Abdullah

Ms. Rehab Refaat Mohamed Morsy

Ms. Sara Samy Barsom

Ms. Hagar Ibrahim Hosny

Ms. Rania Sayed Mohamed Derbala

Ms. Wessam Salam Tawfik Mosbah


Ms. Marwa Salah Mohammad Fadl Ms. Dohaa Hussien El-Sayed Hemida
Ms. Shaima Shaban Mahfouz Abdel Aati Ms. Shaimaa Nasser Abu Elhassan Mostafa
Ms. Eman Ali Ahmed Mohamed

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