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    Meeting of the Basic Science and Planning Sector Committee  

   On Thursday, 28/9/2017, Prof. Dr. Arafa Sabry Juma, Dean of the Faculty and Staff, received the members of the committee of the Basic Sciences and Planning Sector at the Faculty of Science to hold the monthly meeting on the occasion of the Faculty of Science at Fayoum University. And accreditation as a second college at the level of faculties of the university, and the Hall of the College Council. The delegation was attended by Prof. Ahmed Fouad Pasha, Chairman of Sector Committee, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Osman, Sector Secretary, Prof. Ahmed Gaber Shedid, Vice President of the Graduate University for Postgraduate Studies and Research, and Prof. Nabil Yassin Al Bakri, Dean of the Faculty of Science Fayoum University previously, and the Undersecretary of the General Scientific Professions Union, the deans of faculties and institutes of science in all Egyptian universities and members of the Planning Committee. Dr. Arafa Sabri explained that the meeting of the committee at the College of Science and University is honorable with the participation of the members of the committee in celebrating the accreditation of the college, which came with the cooperation and concerted efforts of all staff of the college years ago. He added that the College seeks to exchange the various study and research programs with the faculties of the other university, which will benefit all students and researchers of fields of science in Egypt and enrich the scientists with long-lasting achievements. He announced the date of the second International College Conference, which is preparing for the college in April. Prof. Ahmed Fouad Pasha expressed his happiness with the members of the Committee in the participation of the Faculty of Science at Fayoum University, the celebration of obtaining a certificate of accreditation that proves the entitlement of a leading faculty in the field of science, which qualify graduates to join the labor market and benefit the community. The reception at the Faculty of Science included a presentation film about Fayoum University and the Faculty of Science and its role in scientific research at the university level and then move to the University Council Hall to discuss the proposed agenda. Dr. Khalid Hamza, President of the University, welcomed the members of the Sector Committee at the University Council Hall and pointed out in his speech that this meeting is the first ceremony of the University's celebration of the College of Science receiving the quality certificate. In this regard, His Excellency has been keen to invite the members of the Committee to conduct this meeting periodically annually in September each year at the Fayoum University. This sector has an important role to play in driving Egypt's development and scientific progress. At the end of the meeting of the President of the University, the members of the Committee would like to present the shield of the College to Prof. Ahmed Fouad Pasha, head of the Sector Committee and the taking of commemorative photographs.

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