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The following allowances and expenses will be covered:

    a. Return air-ticket (economy-class fare) between the international airport of the accepted participant and Cairo International airport. Two way free transportation from Cairo airport to Fayoum.
    b. Living Allowance (per-diem): 100 LE/day.
    c. Shipping Allowance: 450 LE.
    d. Life Insurance will be provided from arrival to departure in Egypt (the traveling time outside Egypt shall not be covered).
    e. Free medical care provided in Egypt for participants who may become ill after arrival to Egypt (costs related to pre-existing illness, pregnancy, or dental are not included).


Free Accommodation will be valid during the course, including the recreational activities, in other cities than Fayoum, e.g. Cairo & Ismailia.
The accommodation during the course duration will be:
At Fayoum City:

    Fayoum Tourism Hotel
    Address: Fayoum University. Main campus


Participants are required to:
1- Observe strictly the course schedule.
2- Not to extend the training period.
3- Not to leave Egypt during the course (not to return to their country or go to another country except for the case of humanity).
4- Not to bring any member of their family.
5- Return to their home country on completion of the course, according to the trip schedule designated by the course organizers.
6- Carry out such instructions and abide by such conditions as may be stipulated by both the nominating Government and the Egyptian Government in respect of the training.
7- Observe the rules and regulations of the training institutions or establishment in which participants undertake study or training.
8- Refrain from engaging in political activities, or any form of employment for profit or gain.
9- Discontinue the course, should he/she fall seriously ill and considered unable to continue the training or commit an import act,


Through the duration of the course arrangements will be made to schedule recreational activities and visits to Pyramids and Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum, old Cairo, and to Port-Said and/or others.

Each participant will be encouraged to submit a report on the monuments and sight-seeing of his country, using data show or videotape etc...


1- Pre-departure instructions for the participants: participants are requested to report in person to the Egyptian diplomatic mission in their own country in order to complete the necessary procedures and obtain pre-departure instructions.

2- Visa: Before leaving their country, participants should obtain a visa for entry to Egypt. Visas will be issued by the Egyptian diplomatic missions in their country.

3- Air-ticket:

    * Participants are requested to arrive in and to leave Egypt on the dates designated for the course.
    * The dates will be finally confirmed by the air-tickets sent to the participants through the travel agency.
    * The diplomatic missions of Egypt in the participants’ country will help with flight confirmation and details.
    * All flight routes included in the provided air-tickets are Final.

4- Photographs: For administrative purposes, participants are requested to bring along with them to Egypt three (3) copies of a recent photograph (passport size).

5- Airport: At International Cairo Airport, a course assistant will be present to welcome the participant, and to arrange his/her transportation from Cairo to Fayoum (130 km).

6- Incidental Expenses: Participants are advised to carry some cash in US dollars for incidental expenses during their trip to Egypt and upon their arrival.

7- Climate: Autumn time is considered the most pleasant weather in Egypt, with a temperature maximum 28oC to 10oC minimum. Rain is very rare.

8- Currency: One Egyptian pound (LE) equals to about 0.18 US$, i.e. one US$ equal to 5.97 LE.


For inquires and further information, please contact diplomatic mission of Egypt. Further, address correspondence to:

Fayoum University,
Fayoum, EGYPT.
Tel: + 20 84 - 6336587
Mobile: +20 18 - 5020552
Fax: + 20 84 - 6336528
E-Mail: sms00 @fayoum.edu.eg

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