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Faculty of Computers and Artificial Intelligence Honors Theater Team
Congratulations to the Student / Abd El-Hady Mohamed Kassem
Congratulations to Prof. Sherien Tayea
Acknowledgment to Prof. Masoud Ismail
University Student Union Elections for the Academic Year 2022-2023
Faculty of Computers and Information Held a symposium about Diabetes
The Final Result of the Best Muezzin Contest
Results of the Best Poster Competition at the University Faculties Level
Appointment of Dr. Esraa Mohamed Hashem as General Coordinator for International Students at Fayoum University
Collective Ramadan Iftar at the Faculty of Computers and Information
The Participation of the Faculty of Computers and Information in the Ramadan Competition for Egyptian Boy Scouts
Regularity of Mid-term Exams for the Second Term of the Faculty of Computers and Information
The Faculty of Computers and Information Participates in the Hult Prize Competition
Dean attend the Conference of Computer Science and Informatics sector
FCI for first place at the university level in the programming contest (IEEE (C.P.C))
Dean meeting with Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs and director of the college
Oral exam for Physics First Division
It began college exams Altkhalafat
Oral exam Fourth Year substance neural networks
Congratulations to the engineer / names of Hashem Abdel Tawab
Practical exams at the Faculty of Computing and Information
Congratulations to outstanding students
Congratulations to Dr. / Amira Mohamed Ibrahim for being appointed as an Assistant Professor
Students Forum eighteenth current 2016
The appointment of Dr. / Amira Mohamed Ibrahim, an Assistant Professor
Celebration FCI former of agents
A seminar on the latest technology used incloud computing & Virualization
Libraries Committee April meeting 2016
Cultural Relations Committee Meeting April 2016
Commission laboratory and scientific equipment April 2016 meeting
The Committee for Community Service and Environmental Development April 2016 meeting
Congratulations to Dr. / Massoud Ismail Masood
Opening the door to run in the contest "a book in the field of youth development."
Graduation Ceremony 2015/2016 boost to the students of the Faculty of Computing and Information
Dr. Hisham Abdel Azim Ismail appointed as Lecturer
Graduation Projects Discussion
Dean attends Fayoum University Council
Dean attends Deans Council
Community Service & Environmental Development Committee Meeting
Libraries Committee Meeting
Cultural Relations Committee Meeting
Education & Students Affairs Committee Meeting
Committee of labs& equipments meeting
Dean attends Graduate Studies Faculty Council
Happy Ramadan
Dr. Mohammed Hassan Ibrahim appointed as MIS Vice-Director
Eng. Israa Mohammed Hashem appointed assistant lecturer
Congratulations Eng. ISraa Mohammed Hashem
General External Review Cycle
Fawzya Ramadan, Master Thesis Defense
Dean Meets with Staff Members
Heart Felt Condolences to the University President
Closing Staff Members' Pharmacy
Ministry of Communications & IT offers ICDL grant.
University Inventor Comeptition
Singing up for 2nd Ramadan four-a-side football tourney
Subsidized Training Courses in Computer
Students take end-year exams
University President Opens Cloud Computing Labs
EMC& Fayoum University Sign Cooperation Agreement
Recognition & Appreciation Day
FCI ranked first in Scientific Activity
Second Semester Oral Exams for Third Year
FCI Appreciation Event
Recruitment Forum First Day
FCI Volleyball Team Comes First
Information League
A training course in Photoshop
Post FCI in the activities of the seventh theater festival offers short
Attend the Dean of Graduate Studies Council
Meeting for Cultural Jnhalaqat April 2015
Visit businessman "Ahmad Abu Hashima"
A date for the meeting of the Committee on Libraries
IELTS Preparation Course
Academic Publication Program postponed
Learn to speak Russian
Golden opportunity
Student competitions
Diabetes awareness program
FLDC: Strategic Planning Program Postponed
Seminar series festival
Cairo Innovates TV Show
Workshop on Basic Techniques Needed in Stem Cell Isolation and Culture
Job Opening: Embassy of Knowledge Officer
University and Industry Conference
University Moodle System to Be Updated
Congratulations Prof. Mohammed Abdel-Wahab appointed as vice president for Education and Students' Affairs
Prof. Nabila Hassan Quits as Caretaker Vice President for Education and Students' Affairs
Vacancies at the Information Center
Call for Winter School on Water and Energy/ IWATEC
King Abdullah Center for Arabic Language Prize
Prof. Nabila M. Hassan Appointed Acting Vice President for Education and Students' Affairs
QASPC Offers Courses
Free courses in statistical analysis Free courses in statistical analysis
ICDL certificates Ready for pickup
University President Visits Faculty of Computers and Information, Monitors Exams
Islamic Bank scholarship Program
Dean's congratulations on Prophet Mohammad's birth occasion (PBUH)
Crisis Management Center Launches Student Research Competition
Korean Cultural day at fayoum university
Practical exam dates announced
Theoretical exam dates announced
University Council Members Participate in Fun Day Activities
Mini basket ball league
Congrats to The Team of Mini basket ball
Congrats to Dr. Mohamed Helmy Khafagy
Faculty Council Meeting for Novamber 2014
Ibdaa 3 Contest
IT Unit Meeting
Cultural Contest
Chess Contest
University President Addresses Computers and Information Students
Former Vice Dean of Faculty of Computers and Information Honored
Academic Year Postponed to October 11
Exchange Students Thank Faculty of Computers and Information
Exchange students Visit IT Unit
Free trip to New Suez Canal Project
Alumni Affairs Unit Meeting
Dean visits exchange students
Announcement for Senior Students
Practical exams commence
First year students take physics exam
Sophomore student wins third place in talent contest
Faculty Team Comes Third in 5 A-Side Football League
Faculty of Computers and Information to hold job fair
Faculty of Computers and QASPC to work together
Training courses in computer maintenance
Final exam dates announced
Community Service and Environment Development Committee Meeting for April 2014
Education and Students' Affairs Committee Meeting for April 2014
Faculty Council Meeting for April 2014
Fair for stationery and accessories
Calligraphy Contest
Scouting Contest
Chess Contest
Student Activities Festival
Information and Computers Sophomore participates in "Fayoum University's Got Talent"
Mini basket ball league
Congrats to Mostafa Hosny
Workshop on "Labor Market"
Intensive Entrepreneurship Program
Fayoum University, ASRT to Sign Cooperation Agreement
Big Data Cloud Computing Workshop
Workshop on Big Data and Cloud Computing
Digital Library Workshop
Innovation and Invention Contest
Cultural Contest "Longing for Good Morals"
New edition of scientific contest is out
Achievement Bonus for Distinguished Students
Some teaching assistants to teach at faculties of science and education
Education and Students' Affairs Committee Meeting for March 2014
Faculty of Computers and Information to Celebrate Mother's Day
Student Activities Festival
Fourth Festival of Seminar Series
March Faculty Council Meeting
A room to be devoted for donating blood
Elections Committee Approved
Cultural Relations Committee Meeting
Dr. Mohamed Khafagy honored
Special ceremony to honor teaching assistants and outstanding students
Community Service and Environment Development Committee Meeting
Congratulations to Dr. Hesham Abdel Azim Mohamed
Congratulations to Dr. Mohamed Khafagy
IT Unit Meeting
Scientific wall magazines competition
Sophomore student wins 2nd place in Taekwondo Contest
Qualifications of ideal student contest
Intensive training for IT Units
3rd day of training postponed
Faculty Council holds emergency meeting
Table tennis tournament
Top students receive tablet PCs
Cultural Contest
1000 Technology Day Contest
Religious chanting competition
Best design contest
Five-a-side football tournament
Billiard Contest
Ibdaa 2 Contest
Students train in activating e-courses
Fresh student wins 4th place in 1000 Technology Day Contest
Cultural Relations Committee Meeting for November 2013
Bibliotheca Alexandria launches new activity
Computers and Information students to mark World Diabetes Day
Techno Way Event
Training course on "How to create a high light"
Dean meets with freshmen
Faculty library distributed brochures among freshmen
Fresh students to undergo medical examination
Training Workshop on Technopreneurship for Gulf Countries
Learn Serbian Language Online
Dean meets faculty members
Dean meets teaching assistants
Dean of Computers and Information School congratulates new dean of Science School
Scholarships for students and academics under Erasmus Mundus Program
Results of 2nd semester exams
Dean meets with IT Unit Team
Dean Nabila Hassan's Message to Muslims on Ramadan
Cultural Relations Committee Meeting
Faculty Council Meeting – June 2013
First day of discussion of graduation projects
Discussion of graduation projects
Dean meets with undergraduate affairs departments
Dean meets with officers of administrative departments
Graduation projects discussed
Community Service and Environment Development Committee Meeting for May 2013
Second term examinations start
Director of Youth Welfare attends closing ceremony of students' activities
Preparations well underway for second term examinations
Education and Students' Affairs Committee Meeting for May 2013
Practical exams start
Training course for MIS technical support officer
MIS technical support officer successfully passes training course
2nd student conference kicks off
Computers and Information students visit Cairo sights
Faculty library receives new collection of books
Computers and information students participate in cultural contest
Two students compete in information quiz
Community Service and Environment Development Committee Meeting for March 2013
Sophomore student elected SU president
Congrats to Ahmed Sayed, SU president
Graduation projects under scrutiny
Education and Students' Affairs March Meeting
Committees of student union elected
2nd and 3rd rounds of student union elections kick off
A collection of Books for the Faculty of Computers and Information Library
Results of third grade released
First Round of Student Union Elections starts
Computers and Information students shine in photo contest
Workshop for network engineers
Supreme Committee and sub committees overseeing student union election formed
Computers and Information students partake in photo contest
Program and System Officer trained in editing faculty members' data
SU elections candidates start campaigns
Dean convenes IT Unit Team
Workshop for program and system officer
Worker honored at retirement celebration
Library director joins the Central Library team
Exam petitions invited
Resala Charity Association organizes book fair
Faculty Council Meeting for February 2013
Faculty of Information and Computers Participates in e-Portal Project Coordinators' Meeting
Workshop for coordinators of Computers and Information & Science schools
Senior students celebrate the beginning of second term
Workshop for program and system coordinators
Dr. Sherif Hashem appointed vice chairman of NTRA
Community Service and Environment Development Committee Meeting for February 2013
Directors of e-services units hold a meeting
Senior students take International Software Testing Qualifications course
Library Committee holds monthly meeting
Second term starts
Trip to Wadi Al Hitan
Directors of youth welfare hold a meeting
Dean Nabila Hassan witnesses FUSC elections
Computers and Information School Community extends condolences to Mr. Mohammad Ahmed
Prof. Hamdy Mahfouz reappointed vice-dean for education and students' affairs
Computers and Information students shine at competitions
Sherin Ali Taea appointed lecturer of computer science
Students shine in open day
Dean and vice-dean visit examination halls
Graduation ceremony of fourth-year students
University President Meets with Computers and Information Students
First Conference for FCI Students
University President attends Faculty of Computers and Information Meeting
Congrats to ideal students
Computer Science and Information School Clinches 3rd Place
Dr. Nabila Hassan Appointed as Dean of Computer Science and Information School
Students of Computers and Information participate in University Cultural Event
IEEE Fayoum Student Branch Celebrates IEEE Day
Faculty of Computers and Information Holds “Welcome Back” Event
Basma Kamal awarded master's degree……..Congratulations!
Dr. Ahmed Omran reappointed CIO of Fayoum University
Dr. Mohammad Khafagy appointed director of ECPC
Mustafa Kasab awarded master's degree…………Congratulations!
Dean meets with departments' directors
Abdul-Rahman Ahmed appointed as assistant lecturer……..Congratulations!
Results of IEEEFSB Board Elections Released
Faculty of Computers and Information holds CPC Award Ceremony
Student Activity at Faculty of Computers Information
Faculty of Computers and Information: Graduation Function of New Class
Computers and Information School finishes third in Technological and Scientific Competition!
Information Session on Digital Library Services
Computers and Information Student comes fifth in Best Awareness Bulletin Competition
Dr. Haytham Al-Feel named Technological Committee Advisor
Computers and Information Student finishes second in Small-Scale Industries Competition
Tourism and Computer Science Students engage in activities
Students gain information on Question Banks
ITIDA to finance two graduation projects
Course on Civil Defence and Firefighting
Student Union Committees' Advisors convene
Workshop on the Faculty Oganizational Structure
Cleanliness Campaign Launched at Faculty of Computers and Information
Faculty of Computers and Information marks Orphans' Day
Third Round of SU Elections
Results of Second Round of SU Elections Come out
Results of First Round of SU Elections Come out
Seminar highlights DSASP
Graduation Ceremony of First Class of Computers and Information
Seminar focuses on Job Market Requirements and Employment
Seminar highlights safer internet for family
Under Translation
Congrats to Dr. Haythem Tawfik Al-Feel
Dr. Abdullah Mahmoud Shoeeb …………..Congratulations!
Under Translation
Under Translation
Under Translation
Under Translation
Under Translation
Under Translation
Under Translation
Under Translation
Under Translation
Under Translation
Faculty of Computers & Information's Strategic Plan under Scrutiny
Seminar on H1N1
Faculty of Computers and Information Holds New Student Welcome Reception
Former Dean of Computers and Information Science honored
Former Dean Honored
FU Participates in a Workshop on ICTP Outputs
Dean attends New Student Reception
Result of First Year Examinations Came Out
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